Austin-Based Go Fever Releases Hot New EP “Daydream Hawker”

27 Feb

Go Fever is an Austin-based indie pop-rock band. They play with a confidence and attitude that likely comes from their current home in Texas, as well as the Australian upbringing of lead singer-songwriter, Acey Monaro. Following their self-titled debut in 2017, the band is back with a new five-song EP called Daydream Hawker.

Go Fever’s sound has none of the twang that sometimes is associated with other Austin bands. Instead, prepare yourself for accomplished guitar work, toe-tapping melodies and big vocals, with smart lyrics that pull no punches and offer wry observations in looking at life and relationships. The band has also incorporated more keyboards into this EP, and it really works.

I had the privilege of reviewing Go Fever’s first release two years ago, and I have to say, I think this packs almost as much power into half the number of tracks. It’s consistently excellent throughout — no wonder Daydream Hawker is quickly moving up the college charts!

Track highlights: Right off the top, “Olivia” is a fantastic track. The upbeat, jangly pop-rock is bright, melodic and memorable — one of the highlights of the set.

Track 2 actually edges a bit toward New Wave. (I told you that Go Fever isn’t your typical Austin band.) This is essentially the title track, with a reference to “a main street girl, a daydream hawker.” The palm-muted guitar, keyboards and edgy guitar solos make for a great sound.

Jumping ahead to the fourth song, “Say the Word” is smooth and satisfying synth pop-rock, with guitar trappings and a tumbling drum line.

The album closes with another standout, “KOTRA” — which is an acronym in this case for King of the Roadside Attractions. It’s straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll, with a perfect mix of guitars and synth, and great piano playing reminiscent of Jerry Lee Lewis — giving the track a hint of a throwback sound to the early to mid 60s (while remaining fresh for today).

Overall, another great release from a really strong, upcoming band. Don’t miss Go Fever’s Daydream Hawker.”


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