Quivers’ Debut Reveals Another Promising Aussie Band

26 Apr

In recent years, Aussie bands have had a significant influence on indie music. Boy & Bear, Cub Sport, Empire of the Sun, Husky, Little May, Paper Kites, and The Trouble with Templeton are just a few of the many indie bands from Australia that have lots of fans worldwide. But how many bands do you know from Tasmania? For me, there’s one: Quivers.

Quivers is a five-piece band that was founded in Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart. Tasmania is an island state, located 150 miles south of the Australia. The band plays catchy jangle rock, with some elements of shoegaze and lo-fi vocals that are deep in the mix at times. After Quivers released its debut album, We’ll Go Riding on the Hearses, the band relocated to the city of Melbourne.

The album’s unusual name comes from a tragedy experienced by lead singer-songwriter, Sam J. Nicholson, who lost his brother, Tom, to a free-diving accident. The album served as the emotional outlet for some of Nicholson’s grief.

We’ll Go Riding on the Hearses was originally issued in 2016 as a handmade cassette, with different covers on the limited edition copies. In early 2017, the band decided to release a CD of the ten tracks.

Track highlights: My favorite song on the album is the fourth track, “Chinatown.” The cut starts with strummed guitar and pensive vocals. After several minutes, it transitions to a more up-tempo arrangement featuring crisp drumming, nice guitar work and the addition of backing vocals.

The title track is sprawling and jangly. It’s melodic, with harmonized backing vocals and softly thundering drums. There’s organ in the lead break and even some light brass near the end.

“Pigeons” is the first single that Quivers has released from We’ll Go Riding on the Hearses. The arrangement features bigger, reverbed guitars with the vocals quite low in the mix. “Driving Rain” is another highlight — bright and jangly with a straight-ahead beat.

My final favorite is “Phosphorescence.” It’s a happier tune, at least musically, with a skipping rhythm that incorporates both drums and muted percussive guitar notes. It’s also laced with big surf-y guitars with some edgier guitar work near the end.

Give this band a try. You can find them on Bandcamp and impress your friends with your amazingly global knowledge of indie music!



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