Long-time Fans’ Investment in Real Estate Continues to Pay Dividends on “In Mind”

5 Apr

If you’re an indie music fan, you probably know that one of the many sub-genres of indie rock is “jangle pop-rock.” Well, if you decided to look up the definition of jangle pop-rock in the encyclopedia, you shouldn’t be too surprised to find this: see Real Estate, because the New Jersey band truly epitomizes this particular sub-genre.

On Real Estate’s fourth album, In Mind, the band once again offers a variety of the most sunshiny, feel-good, jangle pop-rock anywhere. But the band has undergone some changes lately, and this ensured that In Mind isn’t just a rehash of its very successful Atlas album.

For starters, Real Estate now has a new lead guitarist. Julian Lynch has replaced founder, Matt Mondanile, who wanted to spend more time with his other project, Ducktails. In addition, the band chose well-respected producer, Cole M.G.N. (Beck, Julia Holter, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti) to oversee In Mind. These changes allow the band to delve more deeply into the psych-tinged rock of the late 60s and 70s — recalling the Byrds and even The Beatles at times, with one track that has a three-minute trail-out reminiscent of “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” from the Beatles’ Abbey Road album.

Track highlights: The album opens with “Darling,” which is classic Real Estate — a lightly tripping tune with crisp drumming, a great bass line, and breezy synths and vocals. Not to mention a really cool music video featuring a horse. Check it out.

“Stained Glass” builds from a harpsichord intro into bigger jangly guitars that harken back to the Byrds in the late 1960s. Staying in that era, “Two Arrows” is the tune that begins with a languid jangle, but finishes with a psychedelic guitar and organ jam that increases in intensity over the song’s final three minutes before suddenly cutting off — a la the Beatles’ “I Want You.”

There are several more very worthy tracks on the album, including bassist Alex Bleeker’s “Diamond Eyes,” but I’ll finish my list with the closer, “Saturday.” This has a deliberate chamber-pop piano intro, but then ramps up in tempo and energy into a quintessential Real Estate jangle with a warm lead vocal and rich harmonies.

In Mind is an outstanding album with a lot to like from a very accomplished name in indie music.



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