Shane Leonard’s Kalispell Offers Highly Accessible Folk and Americana

10 Mar

Kalispell is the folk project of Wisconsin-based singer-songwriter, Shane Leonard. His latest album, Printer’s Son, ranges from very pleasant folk to Americana, with a touch of bluegrass at times. Leonard is a gifted multi-instrumentalist who plays the banjo, fiddle, keyboards, and a wide range of percussion instruments — in addition to singing and, of course, handling the songwriting.

Also onboard with this project was Brian Joseph, who’s best known as the producer for another big name in music based in Wisconsin — Bon Iver, led by Justin Vernon.

As is often the case with indie artists, finding financing for the album wasn’t easy. Leonard conducted a Kickstarter campaign and raised the additional $15,000 he needed to make it happen. Which is great because Printer’s Son is really an enjoyable listen.

Track highlights: After an instrumental opening to the album, the “Windfall” single is excellent. It’s mellow, melodic folk-rock, with an intricate interplay between bass and drums.

“Beautiful Doll” is next and it showcases Leonard’s virtuosity as a banjo player with a long, almost clocklike bluegrass intro that leads into vocals featuring Heather McIntire with Leonard on backing vocals. Incidentally, the cello solo is by noted indie artist, Ben Sollee.

Track 6, “Gary, In,” builds into a beautiful, rolling epic that’s reminiscent of some of Gordon Lightfoot’s catalog. Finally, Track 7, “Parting Ground,” is wistful and rambling, with both strummed and picked banjo, piano, and woodwinds — plus the occasional cry of a pedal steel guitar far off in the distance. A heartfelt ending to a very nice journey.



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