The Wet Secrets — Another Reason Why Canada Is Such a Great Country

1 Feb

Oh those Canadians! So many bands from north of the border bring a uniquely Canadian attitude to their music: fresh, friendly and fun loving. The Wet Secrets, a six-piece alternative, dance-rock band from Edmonton, Alberta, offer all that and more. So it’s a party!

The band released its debut album in 2005. They followed that with another album in 2007, and then took a break while principal vocalist and songwriter, Lyle Bell, focused on other musical projects and another founder, Trevor Anderson, directed some film festival caliber movies.

In early 2014, they got back together for their third album, and they followed that in 2016 with their most recent release, a four-song EP, I Can Live Forever.

The Wet Secrets’ sound is punky and bold with an in-your-face attitude. The arrangements go beyond typical rock, often including brass and stinging synths in addition to guitars, bass and drums. The combination definitely gives the band a unique vibe.

Most of all, it sounds like they’re having fun — and that’s always a good thing for rock ‘n’ roll.

The four-track I Can Live Forever EP begins with “I Can Swing a Hammer,” a tom-tom driven instant alt-rock classic, with tambourine thrown in for good measure. Like on most of The Wet Secrets’ tracks, all the band members contribute to the vocals, giving the song a big sound with great harmonies.

“If I Was a Camera” is built on a mesmerizing stop-and-go rhythm, with brassy and airy synths and the repeated line, “Take off your clothes!” What else would a camera want?

The closing track, “Quelle Surprise,” features mellow synth swells, swirls and squiggles floating over a pulsing bass line. The whole thing has a 1980s vibe — but incorporates The Wet Secrets’ horns and the always-prominent rhythm track.

If you’re having a party this weekend as part of your Super Bowl pre-game fun, you might want to add a couple of tracks from this fun Canadian band into your mix.



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