My Morning Jacket’s Deluxe Reissue of “It Still Moves”Brightens Indie Music Scene

1 Sep

When My Morning Jacket originally released It Still Moves in 2003, the album was extremely well received by music critics and fans alike. Its sprawling, heavily reverbed, Southern rock sound helped to establish the band as a major indie act.

But the band had always had reservations about the album. Due to production issues, many of the tracks sounded muffled — enough so, that the band referred to It Still Moves as their “wet blanket album,” according to a story in Pitchfork.

So, here we are 13 years later, and My Morning Jacket has decided to reissue It Still Moves. Before doing so, the tracks were remixed and remastered to recapture the original studio tone and brightness. The remixing allowed James and the album’s producer to bring out some performances that were lost in the 2003 release — making 2016’s version a welcome addition to your music collection whether you’re hearing the album for the first time or the hundredth.

“Mahgeetah” is an elegant, exhilarating opener, with James’ vocals soaring to his highest registers — while the guitar work is alternately shimmering or crunchy.

“Golden” is a catchy, fingerpicked ballad. Rapid-fire brushed drums maintain a brisk tempo, while plaintive guitar notes cry out and the rich and warm harmonized vocals carry the melody.

The fifth track, “One Big Holiday,” has a great, high-energy lead-in that builds into a soaring guitar-rock classic. There’s a searing guitar solo in the lead break.

The highlight of the album for many My Morning Jacket fans has always been “Run Thru.” The song is quite laid back for the first three minutes, with a chill guitar line and James’ vocals. Then, there’s an incredible drum solo, which is quickly joined by bass and guitar. This is a song that made Rolling Stones’ list of the 100 greatest guitar songs of all time.

There’s more, of course. In fact, much more. The reissue of It Still Moves includes three bonus B-sides and somewhat muddy demos of ten of the twelve original tracks — good for perhaps a listen or two at most. Altogether, the two-disc set provides an incredible two hours and 17 minutes of music.

Whether you’re a long-time My Morning Jacket enthusiast or a newbie — that’s a lot of expertly performed guitar rock for your money.




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