Another Great Discovery from Glasgow—The Pooches

6 Mar

The Pooches are an alternative rock band with Brit-pop tendencies from Glasgow, Scotland. The Heart Attack EP is filled with catchy melodies; sunny, jangly guitars; sharp, clean drumming; and lighthearted lyrics.

The four members in the band—Jimmy, Gav, Calvin, and Andy—definitely don’t take things too seriously. Their Facebook page lists under the category of awards, “Best Dog-Named Band 2013-2014.” They also share as interests, “petting dogs, eating, sleeping.”

There’s a throwback feeling to the EP that dates to the original British invasion of the 1960s, when bands such as The Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, The Yardbirds, The Dave Clark Five, and Chad and Jeremy took over the U.S. charts.

If you’re looking for current bands to compare them to, the Pooches are something like Belle & Sebastian or Teenage Fanclub. But you really have to hear them record to get a good sense for their sound.

All of the songs on Heart Attack are fun, but my favorites are the first, third and fourth cuts.

The EP opens with the tittle track. “Heart Attack” is sunny, bouncy, slightly jangly pop-rock with catchy hooks. In case you’re wondering, when the lyrics mention “reading all about the first Heart Attack single,” that’s a reference to the hardcore punk band from NYC that was popular from about 1978-1984.

The third song on the EP is “Pierre.” A Caribbean flavor colors this catchy ditty. Stop-and-go drumming is punctuated by sharp, crisp guitars, overlaid with lush harmonies.

Heart Attack closes with “Rhythm of the Rain,” a fantastic jangly cover of the pop/doo-wop standard made famous by the Cascades in 1963 and covered by Gary Lewis & the Playboys six years later.

By the way, it won’t take you long to listen to the entire EP. It’s only about 8 1/2 minutes total, with the longest song being just under 2:30. But for those 8 1/2 minutes, you’ll smile all the way through.


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