Urban Cone Offers Sunny, Synth-Pop for the Summer of 2015

31 Jul

Urban Cone is the picture of smooth, satisfying synth-pop on the band’s new album, Polaroid Memories. This is the second release from the five-piece group from Stockholm, Sweden. Sounding somewhat similar to Passion Pit or even Phoenix, Urban Cone has created a collection of up-tempo, energetic tunes in Polaroid Memories that are perfect for a romp in the summer sunshine.

The album opens with a very Phoenix-like track called “Weekends.” The extra-bright instrumentation and steady rhythm drive the catchy melody forward as the band sings about “building castles” on the weekends.

“New York” starts with a synthesized backbeat that sounds like an anvil, but eventually builds into a synth-pop anthem with a really strong chorus about “New York Singing.”

“We Are Skeletons” features playful synth arpeggios — riffs most likely created with the latest toy for musicians, a device called an arpeggiator. Handclaps throughout and bigger choruses round out the arrangement.

The fifth track is “You Build your House Out of Cards.” Delicate electric piano and fragile vocals infuse the ballad with a range of emotions. An uplifting chorus and soaring synths add depth and dimension to the song.

Finally, “Sadness Disease” has a smoother sound and is surprisingly happy for telling a story about someone afflicted with sadness that can’t be left behind. It also features a fun, synth-produced, bird-like creature of some sort squawking throughout most of the tune.

Overall, Polaroid Memories, provides an album full of light, but appealing songs that will help you remember the summer of 2016.


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