Jackie Stabb a Fresh Voice in Alternative Synth-Pop

28 May

Columbus, Ohio-native, Jackie Stabb, got her start like a lot of young, aspiring artists today. Her parents purchased her a computer for school, but soon she was using it primarily to write and create music.

Once she left school, she focused on her budding performing career, singing with several local bands. In 2014, she entered the Project Aloft talent search. Out of more than 300 artists, Stabb took the top prize, which came with an introduction to a record company and an opportunity to perform nationwide at hotels under the Aloft flag.

Now 28, Stabb has teamed with a Columbus trio, In Silent Movies, to form a four-piece band, and released an EP called Little Voice. The CD features appealing, alternative synth-pop that showcases Stabb’s beautiful, delicate vocals in songs that are always melodic and range from up-tempo power pop to lush and dreamy.

The album kicks off with “Love Letter,” a track that builds from an atmospheric opening into a catchy mid-tempo melody with jangly guitar riffs and bubbly synths.

The title track is another strong song. Multiple layers of sound include pulsing synths, a skittering electronic rhythm, and a fuzz-synth foundation under Stabb’s confident lead vocals — with intricate backing vocals added near the end.

The third cut on the EP is “Night Tracks.” This track is driven by a timekeeper rhythm consisting of electronic bass and drums, with soaring vocals and a melody that really grows on you.

The best song on the EP is “Where It Belongs.” A power-pop ballad, it features Stabb’s vocals that really carry the tune — backed by synth strings over a steady rhythm with nice keyboards and simple guitar stingers.

The closing track, “Heart Calls,” has fragile, floating lead vocals over a steady synth bed, with a few plinks and plunks added. Electric piano is woven in as a nice touch near the end.

Stabb is a young, obviously highly talented artist, who is still finding her Little Voice. The EP hasn’t captured the attention of many national reviewers yet, but if you like melodic, rhythmic synth-pop, this five-song EP is well worth a listen.


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