Corner Laughers Paint Unforgettable Pop Imagery in New Single

19 Mar

It’s official. The seemingly long wait for the next Corner Laughers album is almost over. The Corner Laughers are an indie pop band based on the San Francisco Peninsula, right near where I DJ on KZSU Stanford. In fact, one of the band’s members, Khoi Huynh, works in Stanford University’s physics department when he’s not playing bass with the band.

Matilda Effect will be available on vinyl or CD, or as a digital download, on Friday, June 12th. Can’t wait! But if you truly can’t wait to get your hands on the album, the band has released the first track from the album to whet your appetite — “Fairytale Tourist.”

The song encapsulates everything that’s so fun about The Corner Laughers. It opens with Khoi’s busy bass line that carries throughout the track. Then, additional layers containing KC Bowman’s guitar, Charlie Crabtree’s drums, Karla Kane’s strummed ukulele, subtle keys, and glockenspiel are added in the precisely produced arrangement.

Finally, Kane’s lead vocals, clever lyrics and impossibly rich, sunshine-pop background vocals tell the story of being a “fairytale tourist,” traveling through time if only through the mind. The Corner Laughers’ music is unapologetically pop — but with a maturity and intelligence that distinguishes it from what passes for pop in today’s celebrity-driven, video kaleidoscope-based, mainstream music industry.

The musical mix appeals immediately and, trust me, will stay with you for hours (or days). I know. I first played the track last Friday on my show, and the song kept repeating in my head all day long on Saturday as I pedaled my way through a 70-mile metric century bicycle ride in the Santa Ynez Valley near the Viking-styled town of Solvang.

The single is available now, streaming free via the Bandcamp app — or available as a high-quality download through The Corner Laughers’ website. The band has included the lyrics to “Fairytale Tourist” on their website and a write-up about the album that will make it even harder to wait to hear it. The Matilda Effect album can also be pre-ordered there.

Like many of the band’s fans, I’m looking forward to hearing more in the coming months — and finally having the full album to play on KZSU in mid-June. Those of you who tuned last Friday know that I’m also hoping to arrange to have the Corner Laughers play live on my show — perhaps on the album’s official release day of June 12th!

Tune in to hear “Fairytale Tourist” as our featured song of the day tomorrow. If the rest of the album is anything like it, the album will be one of my personal favorites of 2015.


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