New York City’s Loose Buttons Releases a Strong New EP

21 Oct

Loose Buttons is a four-piece, New York City indie alternative band that’s starting to make some real waves. The band’s latest release, Damage Gallery, demonstrates how quickly it’s maturing, even though its members are still in their early twenties.

Loose Buttons was founded in the mid 2000s by Zack Kantor and Eric Nizgretsky when they were just fourteen. Originally called Sins of the Loose Buttons, like any high school band “with potential” they played whatever gigs they could find in the local area.

By 2011, all that was changing as the band added bassist, Manny Silverstein, and drummer, Adam Holtzberg,” and debuted with 2011’s Silent Snow.

Now, three years and two studio releases later, Damage Gallery offers a four-song EP of catchy indie alternative rock songs that highlight the band’s accomplished guitar work — sometimes wrapped in an electro-pop environment.

“Four Eyes” opens the EP with a song that alternates moments of controlled rage with pounding drums and clanging cymbals, with melancholy reflections on past relationships.

“Two Wolves” is the latest video from the group. It’s a solid indie rock song with a strong backbeat and angular guitar — plus some nice pop elements in the oooh-wee-oooh harmonies.

“Scissors” sees the band add a bustling techno-beat to its rock foundation. The fast paced track captures the energy of the band’s New York City base. The EP wraps up with another techno-packaged number — a great jangly, echo-y, chill tune with an off-kilter beat.

Overall, Damage Gallery is an excellent addition to the indie music scene. If you haven’t been introduced to Loose Buttons, it’s time you gave the band a listen.


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