Aussie Band Makes Pop Music That Knows No Boundaries

27 May


Those Aussies! Perhaps because there are so few of them in such a lot of space, Aussies have always been free thinkers, willing to go anywhere and do or try anything.

The latest example of this is a two-piece band from Sydney by the name of Tales in Space. Luke Bert and Simon Widauer met while learning the art of audio engineering, according to the band’s website. And the duo put their mixing and production skills to good use in the creation of the band’s music.

Assigning Tales in Space to a specific genre is virtually impossible. Bert and Widauer deftly orchestrate samples, loops and electronic keys with traditional drums and guitar to create indie music that ranges from folk-rock to electro-pop…and pretty much everything in between. It truly is music that knows no boundaries.

We’ve been playing an EP called Shades — which contains five tracks written and produced by the band over the past three or four years.

Opening number, “The Cause,” is a strummy folk-rock song performed at an easy stroll that has an almost Young the Giant vibe. Lead vocals are laid-back and harmonized. A calliope-like synth gives a glimmer into what’s to come from the band.

“Ghost in the Room” — also released approximately three years ago — marries organ and synth strings, with distant, slightly ghostly vocals floating over a repetitive, halting rhythm.

“In a Million Places at Once” takes Tales in Space in a completely different direction. Angular guitar riffs mirrored on synth provide support for doubled lead vocals. Choruses are nice and breezy. The sound is similar what one might expect from MGMT…with a slight nod to some of the pop-rock that dominated the radio in the 1970s.

The latest hit from the band is “Shades,” which dazzled the Aussie airwaves in 2013 — finishing among the Top 35. The song features an explosive and highly catchy melody underscored by timekeeper synth bass and a strong backbeat snare. There are rich harmonies in the chorus, and synth bells add a nice touch.

The final track on Shades is “Starwars,” a bright and spacey electro-pop instrumental that was apparently created during an interlude in the midst of a long recording session.

The big news for the band is that following its success with several EPs, Tales in Space is ready to launch its first full-length album, Formula, on Friday, June 6th. How’s that for perfect timing with this blog?

Formula’s 11 tracks include “In a Million Places at Once,” “Shades” and “Starwars” from the Shades EP. The new CD also features the band’s latest release, “All Messed Up,” plus seven more tracks. The CD can be ordered from the band’s website.

As they say in Australia, if you like indie pop or rock of practically any kind, “Tales in Space are aces, Mate!”


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