Happy Summer Solstice from the Corner Laughers

19 May


It’s almost summer, so it must be time for something new from the Corner Laughers. And it is! The Bay Area quartet — led by singer/songwriter, Karla Kane — will release a new digital single, “Midsommar,” on June 17th — almost two years to the day since the release of the band’s most recent full-length album, “Poppy Seeds.”

Summer is the perfect season for the indie pop-rockers — although I, personally, enjoy the band’s sunshine sound year-round. Corner Laughers’ songs are bright, light and full of smiles — filled with feelings of fun times, celebrations and places to explore.

The band has been making music for a little less than ten years and has three full-length albums to its credit, with a fourth scheduled for next year. “Midsommar” is the first track from that forthcoming LP.

Light and breezy with a relaxed tempo, the new single is perfect for summertime. The melody is impossibly catchy, with Corner Laughers’ trademark layered harmonies over a solid rhythm track and busy bass line. It starts with Kane on ukulele, and then adds drums and a nice synth orchestra chord before Kane’s vocals enter. Guitarist KC Bowman also gets a chance to demonstrate his virtuosity during one of the lead breaks.

Where the band’s most recent full-length CD, Poppy Seeds, was California-centric — and in fact, primarily focused on the Peninsula from Palo Alto to San Francisco — the lyrics in this song carry us away across the ocean to lands populated by stone circles, druids and stained glass windows. There’s a growing maturity to the band’s sound, and it’s all expertly produced and mixed by Allen Clapp (The Orange Peels) with contributions — including synthesizer and backing vocals — from longtime collaborator, Anton Barbeau.

The European and Middle Eastern references in “Midsommar” foreshadow a fun album in 2015 that will give the Corner Laughers so many new places to explore and people to meet.

I can’t wait!


Corner Laughers is Karla Kane, vocals and ukulele; Khoi Huynh, bass; Charlie Crabtree, drums; KC Bowman, guitar. Other contributors on “Midsommar” included: Anton Barbeau, synthesizer and backing vocals; Astrid Smith, violin; and Allen Clapp, producer. Released by Mystery Lawn Music. The digital single is available for pre-order from CornerLaughers.com. Release date is 6/17/14.


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