Sacco’s Debut CD Has a SoCal Flavor

1 May


Childhood friends, John Fredericks and Andy Breihan, played in a number of Southern California bands for nearly a decade before they moved to the East Coast to try to jumpstart their careers. This upheaval provided a creative spark for their songwriting and ultimately resulted in the duo coming together as Sacco and releasing their self-titled, debut CD.

The Sacco album pays homage to the L.A. indie rock scene in the 1990s with melodies shimmering in the SoCal heat, breezy vocals, smooth bass lines, and pounding drums.

The opening track, “Carnival Ghost,” kicks off the set with a driving, pulsing number. Vocals drone. The bass guitar trips nimbly along. And edgy lead guitar licks punctuate.

“Sunny Afternoon” is a throwback to Hall & Oates and an ode to the laid-back SoCal lifestyle. Driving in a convertible with the top down. Salty breeze scenting the air. And sunlight glistening off the blue ocean. This sets the scene for a bouncy, hooky melody — with jazzy bass line and light, airy vocals.

“Where It Ends, Where It Begins” features a slick, well-produced melody with slinky bass and reverbed vocals. Synth bells sparkle, and a full chorus ultimately disintegrates into just noise and bells with a minute or so to go in the song.

“Driving” is another perfect track for L.A.’s car culture. One imagines a leisurely road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway. Lead vocals are sung over an easy beat and languid bass line. Sprawling electric guitar solos provide depth.

One other track of note is the trippy “Time,” the second-to-last track on the CD. This song delves even further back into L.A.’s rock and roll history. The psychedelic feedback creates a song that’s like the Doors of the late 1960s or early 1970s. All that’s missing is Jim Morrison’s growling vocals.

Sacco is a true discovery that may not yet have charted at many college radio stations, but is definitely a strong addition to indie rock of 2014.



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