Patrick Park’s Touching “We Fall Out of Touch”

7 Feb



Patrick Park is an indie folk-rock singer/songwriter who has built a modest, yet notable catalog since 2000. Born in Colorado, he moved to New York City for a short stint to start his music career — but wasn’t happy there, so he soon relocated to Southern California, where he has remained. Park completed a demo set at a friend’s house that later became known as The Basement Tapes. But his first official release was the Under the Unminding Skies EP in 2003.

Park’s most recent release, We Fall Out of Touch, demonstrates both his growing maturity and continuing attention to craft. The six-song EP was produced by Dave Trumfio — also known for his work with Wilco, Grandaddy and others — and they all feature Park’s clear, expressive voice.

The best song on the EP is the title track, “We Fall Out of Touch.” It’s a catchy, if sad, ballad — with a simple drum track that gives it an easy-going energy. Note that this song does have explicit language. The most recent single release is “Break Free,” a melody that relies on bass and rhythm guitar in 3/4 time — with just a dash of electric guitar in the lead breaks.

“All or Nothing” is the EP’s opening track, and here Park’s voice sounds surprisingly like Father John Misty. Finally, “Hell If I Know,” is a big folk ballad that harkens back to John Denver in the mid-1970s.

If you enjoy indie folk without the blandness that so often typifies neo folk these days, you should give the current Patrick Park EP a listen.


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