Art Decade’s New CD to Hit Stores in February 2014

27 Dec

Art Decade


Art Decade is a little known indie rock band from Boston. The young quartet specializes in symphonic rock, which sets them apart from so many of the other indie acts today.

The band’s debut release was Western Sunrise. It reached the market in May of 2012, and featured the track “Breeze,” which was also made into a trippy music video. Art Decade’s self-titled follow-up — released to radio stations in the fall and scheduled to be generally available in February 2014 — continues to move the band in the direction it established last year.

The tracks on Art Decade range from big, fully orchestrated power pop and well-crafted traditional pop standards to slightly more rock-oriented compositions.

Standouts include the strong opening track “No One’s Waiting,” a beautifully arranged number with a great rhythm track that builds into terrific power pop and “Walking Together,” which features a catchy melody and rich harmonies.

The band’s latest music video is “Harbor Light,” an arrangement that includes a timekeeper bass, solid drums and electric guitar. “So I Thought” is another excellent track with interesting dynamics and a hook that’s reminiscent of the best pop hits from the 1960s.

While Art Decade sometimes performs live with a couple of violinists as added band members, the new CD was created with the help of a full orchestra drawn from fellow students at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. The result is another outstanding indie CD that you should hear.


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