Goldspot’s Latest, “Aerogramme”

22 Nov



Goldspot is a New York-based band that plays melodic indie rock. In Aerogramme, singer/songwriter Siddhartha Khosla has taken a new direction artistically. This album is much more autobiographical than the group’s previous two releases — Tally of the Yes Men (2007-2008) or And the Elephant Is Dancing (2010). The 10-song set looks back to the time when Khosla and his family immigrated to America from their native India — providing a lot of material for lyrics that are deeper and more personal than in the past.

The band’s sound is a cultural melting pot — recalling the Beatles or George Harrison during one of his transcendental interludes, as well as the Smiths and even the Cure. Standout tracks include “Abyss,” which starts the CD with a bit of a 1970s throwback pop-rock feel; “The Border Line,” with its bright, strummy guitar sound and very hummable melody; and “Evergreen Cassette,” which takes the listener in a Bollywood direction.

The CD also includes “If the Hudson Overflows,” a really nice acoustic, indie folk offering that the band created and performed live a number of times to help raise money for the victims of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy.

Aerogramme is a little-known CD that indie pop-rock or folk fans will find to be a valuable addition to their collection.


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