Lightning Dust Strikes with “Fantasy”

19 Sep



Vancouver, B.C.-based indie duo Amber Webber and Josh Wells — otherwise known as Lightning Dust — can’t be accused of making the same CD twice! Following their indie folk debut in 2007 and their more traditional indie rock follow-up in 2009, the duo’s new CD is a significant departure.

Fantasy is a very seductive selection of minimalist synth pop. The ten tracks range from the brash, staccato synths of “Loaded Gun” (check out the video on YouTube!) to the fragile phrases and soaring swells of “Agatha.”  “Diamond”, the band’s first single from Fantasy, is a cool collection of up-tempo beats, pulsing synths, and various loops — with Webber’s restless vocals floating above.  There’s even an acoustic number, “Moon,” featuring Webber’s guitar. And Wells’ piano and keyboards are evident throughout.

Where so much of today’s electro pop sounds the same, Lightning Dust combines a little Bat for Lashes with the Chromatics — and maybe even borrows inspiration from names as far afield as Suicide or Kate Bush — and blends everything together into a sound that’s completely its own.

Head over to YouTube to see what you think. I’ll be featuring the CD on my show on KZSU tomorrow morning. (Friday 9/20, 9 a.m. to 12 noon Pacific Daylight Time in the U.S.) You can listen at


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